Meet The Team

  • Louisa Asseo, DVM, DABVP
    Medical Director

    Dr. Louisa Asseo grew up in sunny Southern California. As a child, her love for animals and a passion for science made the decision to pursue a career in Veterinary medicine a “no brainer”. She graduated with a bachelors in General Biology from UCLA, and then received her DVM degree from UC Davis in 2002.

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  • Dr.
    Nikki Becich
    Associate Veterinarian

    Graduated with a B.A. in Biology in 2013 from Pomona College in east Los Angeles, and is a 2018 graduate of Tufts Veterinary School outside ofBoston, Massachusetts. She has had the privilege to participate in zoo and wildlife conservation medicine with Bioparque Amaru in Cuenca, Ecuador since 2013, where she works against wildlife trafficking and for AndeanCondor conservation efforts, and thanks to her Ecuadorian colleagues she speaks passable Spanish. She enjoys all aspects of wildlife, exotics, and small animal medicine.

  • Jennifer Lally
    veterinary acupuncture

    Dr. Jennifer Lally is a 2005 graduate of the UC Davis School of veterinary medicine. She spent her first 11 years in feline-only practice but happily switched over to cats and dogs five years ago. She is now very excited to expand into the world of exotics medicine as well. She has a special interest in geriatric care and pain management and is currently working on obtaining her certification in veterinary acupuncture. 

    Dr. Lally grew up in Huntington Beach, CA, but has lived in the Bay Area(other than a brief stint in Philadelphia) for over 20 years. Dr. Lallyalways loved animals, but she originally pursued a degree in English literature from UCLA, with the goal of becoming a college English professor. After spending time volunteering - then working - at the EastBay SPCA, however, she realized her true passion for veterinary medicine and returned to school to pursue her dream. Dr. Lally lives in Beniciawith her husband, two kids, four cats, and one poorly trained dog. She loves hiking, coffee, and listening to live music, and she is very excited to be a part of the Oasis Veterinary Hospital team!

  • Nikki Palmer - Heredia
    Customer Service Representative

    Nikki grew up on the tough streets of Oakley, California. She has been in the Veterinary field for 12 years and has known Dr. Asseo the whole time.

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  • Krishna Tesar
    Customer Service Representative / Veterinary Nurse

    Krishna originates from the state of Iowa. Her love of all things animal, as well as her talent for great customer service, brought her into the Veterinary field 17 years ago. Of those 17, she has worked with Dr. Asseo for 11 years.

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  • Samantha Kartes, RVT
    Veterinary Nurse

    Samantha has been an RVT since 2013. After graduating from the Mesa college animal health technology program, she started her first job as an exotic animal RVT at the Rancho San Diego animal hospital. She has loved being an RVT ever since. 

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  • Irene Troy, RVT
    Veterinary Nurse

    Irene was born and raised in the Bay Area and has chosen to be surrounded by animals her entire life. She actually majored in English at UC Davis, but it was still no surprise when she became a vet tech 10 years ago. She immediately had an intense passion for the job, which has never left. Irene considers herself to be incredibly lucky to have found a job that allows her to be of service to animals as they have truly enriched her life and changed it for the better. About 5 years ago, she took the steps required to become a RVT so she could continue to grow in her career and best help the animals that she works with. She has gained experience in general practice, emergency medicine, critical care medicine and internal medicine during her time as a technician and she loves the opportunity to work with the exotic animals we see at Oasis Veterinary Hospital. 

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  • Audrey Pangelinan, RVT

    Audrey has lived most of her life in Vallejo with a passion and love for animals. Growing up, she’s always aspired to work in a veterinary hospital so she can share that same passion with like minded people and help pets who need it most. 

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  • Elizabeth Mayland, RVT
    Veterinary Nurse

    Elizabeth started working in the veterinary field at age 19. She continued her education in veterinary nursing over the years, while also getting her BA in Psychology with her interest focused on teens. Her favorite part of the job is connecting with the patients in a way that builds trust, so treatments can be completed with the least amount of stress possible. She also loves getting to know the many different personalities of all the animals, and to celebrate them for what makes each of them special.

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  • Rosa Hiraga, RVT

    RosaNeva was born and raised in the bay area. At the age of 10 she'assisted' her American Bull Dog in whelping 13 puppies and that was where her interest began. 

    She earned her Associates Degree and graduated from Western Career College earning her Registered Veterinary License in 2005. She has worked in all areas of Veterinary Medicine from being an ICU nurse, lead surgery technician, receptionist and Office Manager. Rosa Comes to Oasis for a new adventure surrounding her with all types of new things to learn. She Bringsher Great Spirit and knowledge as well as she strives to teach others to the team. 

    Her number one love and priority is her family. Which consists of 2 boys, a pitbull, and the oldest of the children is their cat named Doodie. She loves to pass time staying active, gardening, and cooking.

  • Mei Lin Bruder
    Veterinary Assistant

    My name is Mei Lin Bruder and I have always had a passion for animals. Watching animal documentaries and veterinary shows made me fascinated with animals as a young child. As I grew older, I began to volunteer at my local animal shelters to help my community and the animals in need.

    I love giving back to my community by using my knowledge as a student at California State University, Monterey Bay. I love to help pets from all around and make sure they are in their best healthy condition. I love working here because they help me learn and practice new skills and guide me towards my career path.

    I spend my free time by exercising, going to the beach, hanging out with friends or playing with my family dog, Fergie. I also enjoy watching movies and playing board games with my family.

  • J.C. Alvarado
    Veterinary Nurse

    His name is Jeancarlos, but he goes by J.C. because it seems easier for most peole to pronounce. J.C. joined the Oasis family in 2018. Before joining Oasis, he worked at an animal shelter in San Jose prior to beginning his vetmed career at another local hospital. J.C.'s long-term goal is to become a vet, and working in the field has simply confirmed that choice. 

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  • Zoe Sanders
    Kennel Tech/ Veterinary Assistant (In Training)

    My name is Zoe Sanders and I grew up into a house full of animals. Ever since I was born I’ve always been around so many different animals and always knew that I was meant to help animals.

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  • Hitch
    Certified Veterinary Hospital Troll

    Hitch joined the Oasis team as a kitten in August 2017, after 'hitching' a ride to the hospital under the hood of a car. 

    Hitch's primary duties include walking around the back areas of the hospital showing off his obnoxiously large and fluffy tail, stealing bugs from our reptile patients, and lounging on Dr. Asseo's desk on sunny afternoons. 

    In addition, Hitch takes on many of the PR duties for the hospital, through his personal Instagram page at


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